WTB Basic Rorq Pilot

Hi, Im looking for atleast one Rorq Pilot. T1 indy core, decentish drone and shield skills. Nothing too fancy.

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Boy oh boy do I have the rorqual pilot for you.

I, Tubal Cain, am ready to fly a rorqual with great yields!

  • T2 Indy core
  • Awesome Drone Skills
  • Positive wallet
  • Positive sec status
  • No killrights
  • I can get out of Corp and in high sec in no time.

Added bonus: can fly carriers, specifically FAX, but am currently set to train into fighters.

Let me know if you’re interested.

How much are you looking for?

Somewhere between 35-40b and it’s yours

Too steep for my blood. Already have a fax pilot. Just looking a secondary basic rorq pilot to help my build process. Thanks though.

No worries mate