WTB C1 w/ HS static (Empty)

Looking to see what C1 wh w/ hs statics are out there, and prices. Will buy if price seems okay for me. MUST be an empty WH.

Message me here, or in game (Lohar Reks) for offers!

I have a C1 that I own the structures in, Rait with Rigs and Astra with RIgs, and the pocos
send me a PM and I`ll send you the HS, will save me time and gain you some $$ rigs

Will DM you tonight. Sorry, got busy for a short while.

Also, daily bump. Still looking to buy a C1 with HS static … MIGHT accept one or two structures if it comes with the WH, but highly prefer empty of structures

Bumps! Still looking!

I have an empty one


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