WTB C5 WH with C5 XL Static


I want to buy an C5 WH with C5 xl static.

I preffer a Magnetar, but a normal hole is fine too.

Write ingame to: Space Keendary

o7 fly safe :slight_smile:

PUSH :heart:

I have a 5-6 Mag for sale, lemme know if you are interested!

Thread can be Closed, one of the big WH-Alliances tried to Scam me, so i anchored an Strucutre by myself. Thanks for all offers.

Im curious, how did you almost get scammed? Did they try to sell you structures or something? Or did they leave behind a ■■■■ ton of scouts so they could kill you while you’re doing things with all the WHs rolled?

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They tried to sell me an C5 Magnetar with Fort, as i asked to use an secure 3d Person Service he don’t messaged again, 3 days later a friend found this Wormhole and there was not any Structure of this Alliance.

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