WTB C5 with Static C3

Looking for this special combination. Would buy stations as well or buy a system without. I would prefer no effect, but would accept most effects too…as these wh´s seem to be rare :frowning:

Pls offer anything via ingame mail or just convo me. thx

Probably be more helpful to post this thread in the correct sub-forum.

You can easily move your thread to the correct sub-forum Category - click the pencil (edit) icon next to the thread title and select the sub-forum category in the left side box below the title, then select the blue checkmark to complete the process.

How quick are you looking to move in? Given time I can find you one.

as fast as possible…but we can wait…sure…that´s our last move…so nothing else to do than to wait :frowning:

How much is your offer?