WTB Caiman BPC or Hull (Depends where hull is)

As the title says, looking for a caiman

I got isk ready.

What are u looking for a caiman bpc?

BPC preferred but either!

Price wise?

40 bil for a BPC seems to be the going rate

Ahh noted, if you cant get it for 40bil, I have one for 44bil

Would you be willing to sell for 42 bil?

Ummm, maybe 43?

where is it?

Give me a cpl of hours, need to confirm I have it in jita and not in some long forgotten station. Not on eve yet

cool, but if the location is good. 43 bil is good with me and you can contract it to Shinron Sakai

Ok :slight_smile:

Will do so once I confirm I havent squabbled it away a while back

44b and contract it to this char.

Bump it up

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