WTB characters up to 30 mil SP

acceptable name
atleast 2 remaps
5 mil sp characters should have omega skills trained

post with eveboard + your asking price

need about 5-10 characters

bump it


Maybe you want her, i haveing problems with space in the account 2.7b, can send when i come back to home (23 hours eve aprox)

She have 6 planets (interplanetary V) and Can use a mining barge, 2 remaps.

Currently in fountain, can deliver to high sec, no kil lrights, positive wallets, all ccp rules apply.

need atleast 5 m sp

Another Interplanetary V , hearing offers


Mining Barge, interplanetary et al

isk and info sent right now

I transfer the pilot one moment ago, i send the other in yen minutes. sorry for deklay, i was forced to download eve again

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