WTB Class 1-2 Wh, preferably with a static LS

(SilentSta1ker) #1

Looking to buy a C1-2 wormhole with a LS static “MIGHT Consider HS depending how the system is inside”, I dont really do planet PI at least not now. But id Prefer the system to have a Temperate Planet or Lava “something cool to look at” even better if it has an anomoly in it

Would be nice if it had a Citadel fully fitted in it on the said planets. Yes i know im weird but i used to do wormholes years n years ago and id find empty ones for my POS and put them on the pretty planets to relax on when im sitting in the bubble afk.

I have money so ISK isnt an issue but im not looking to ripped off either

(system) #2

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