WTB Cleverly/funny named Toon

As the title says, I’m in the market for a clever or funny named Toon.

Would ideally like them to be decently skilled and well focused with PVP skills only.
No KRs and positive wallet a must.

Show me what you got!

Bump to the top!

Full send straight to the top

I’ve got some… lmk if interested.

My friend owns “Stupid Sexy Droneboat” - i am not sure what the skills are.

Stay AtHome Mom - Trading/scanner/reactions alt, around 7mil+ SP
Pinchin’ Prostates - 5.1m sp - kinda spread out, was used in a skill farm… Some Targeting skills, Cybernetics 5, Drones 5.
Strategic Feeding - 6.5m sp+ training back into dreads. ASC 5, Minmatar Dread 4. Capital Ships 3.
Buffalo Dip - 5m sp - Decent gunnery skills. a couple lv5
Artichoke Dip - 3msp
Pioneer Pooper -8msp - mainly reactions/exhumer/barge.

Not much, but going off names

Interested in Pinchin can you throw them onto the skill site and then let’s talk numbers


Not much, does have some of the vorton books injected.

ive got a cyno toon named Goon Recruitment, KB is a bit tainted tho hehe


Perfect cyno hunter/ recon/ hic toon.
And has an interesting name that attracts attention.



Incase it interests you

This guys is for sale, current bid is 21B ISK

27Mil SP - small ship PVP, Magic 14 100%

How much do you want for pinching?


That reminds me to get mine checked

how about this one? since this is a feed game

High gunnery and AF skills. 12m+ SP

I have a nice name :slight_smile:

Skills are meh

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Link the skill sheet let’s take a look

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