WTB Dread/Carrier toons

(Imma wormholer btw) #1

Buying dread/carrier toons, preferrably Naglfar, Phoenix, or Thanatos toons. No jump skills necessary, feel free to hit me up on the forums, please no in-game mails. Boundary of ~30mil sp per toon, preferrably single-focused toons.

(Imma wormholer btw) #2


(Imma wormholer btw) #3

Will also accept Niddy/Archon/Moros toons, still require/prefer toons be focused into a single capital/race

(Nolegs) #4


(Imma wormholer btw) #5

40 Bil

(Deglin Aurrin) #6

@Nolegs I’ll offer 41bil for Wow Cow

(Imma wormholer btw) #7


(system) #8

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