WTB Early Female Minmatar character '03 - "09

Looking for early model female Minmatar Character, sec status and sp not important but must have decent name.

Show me what you have,

I have this DOB.2007-09-11

confirming can be sold


Make a offer

Doesn’t have many SP, how about 2.5b ?

Make 3b and we have a deal

Ok, Isk on the way

Send to jemmi as rules say please

Isk paid

Awesome will get the get the transfer started when I finish work

Tried to transfer is said user already involved with a character transfer…
Please mail me on this toon when done.
I will try again later.

Sent in-game mail with other acct info.

all done.

Daily bump; still looking…



Open to offer.

4.5 bil ?

Haven’t received Character "jemmi’ as of yet or notification of transfer. Please update status Ronni Ormand

Sent mail in game. started it last night to the 2nd account name given.

Okay, character received just now, thx Ronni.