WTB Erebus

WTB Erebus Hull near the West.

Offers please.

looking for way cheaper. fitting not required. docked on public keepstar would be great. thanks for your offer though.

located in Basgerin Keepstar

have seen it. definately not a bad offer. have better one already, since i can wait for production. current price to be beat is 52bil. thanks though

Who is your builder lol

a friend of a friend… that offer requires me to travel the ship some distance though. so in fact, if someone can get close to that offer with the hull ready in public keepstar i’ll probably immediately buy.

Can’t go below 58b

considering it. is it in basgerin keep? can you hold that offer for 24h?

It is in Basgerin keep.

I have another buyer but waiting on a reply. It will go to whoever gets back to me first.

cool thanks. in the meantime: can anybody beat 58bil in public keep or 52bil anywhere? :smiley:

thank you for all offers made! bought an erebus now.

a kind moderator can close the thread please :heart:

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