WTB Exhumer Pilots

Greetings, I am in the market for some exhumer pilots. Offering 7-9b for each pilot. Moderate drone/core skills preferred, Exhumers V is not a necessity but an added bonus.

Perhaps I might be of interest to you:

Cybernetics V (full improved implants)
Current Per/Wil Map (remap not available until 2019-05-01)
Two Bonus Remaps
6.5M sp + 250k unallocated
Exhumer IV (1,161,430 of 1,280,000 towards V)
Passable Armor/Engineering/Navigation/Shield skills
Drone skills may be lacking with respect to your preferences.

Positive Wallet Balance
No Kill Rights
No Jump Clones installed
In High Security Space In Station

I am indeed interested, send me a mail in game and we can hash out prices.

Daily bump, send me your weary and your tired souls.

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