I am looking for a some exhumer level mining focused pilots. I am looking for 4-5 pilots. Will take as package deal if looking to unload more than one.

Thanks and have a wonderful day.

Had 10 Exhumer pilots last week, this is the last one, let me know if your interested

I like your pilot but has a lot more Skill points than I need. What are willing to take? I do not want to offend you and be to low, mostly looking for focused miners with less skill points, but always open to a deal.

im not picky on him my last miner had same sp and he went for 17bill 2 days ago. Im flexible but not sure what your budget is on per toon since your looking for several.

Yeah, would love to but I am only looking to spend around 5B per pilot. As anything really more than that I can just create a pilot with skill injects for that cost.

totally get it, good luck in your hunt ive seen several available!

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I have one. Ill post the skillboard below

Please post and I will make an offer

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