WTS 35mill SP Recon, Cyno, Orca, Miner Pilot

no Kill Rights
Positive wallet
In NPC corp
Located in Amarr

Standard Implant set with basic Hardwiring

All offers considered, Buyouts accepted as long as they are reasonable. Transfer will be started when isk is received by butters321 and confirmed in the forums.

To the top

I’m not super familiar with that sort of transaction, so please don’t take offense, we can discuss.
Would something along the line of 20B be enough for you?

@nox yes that would be acceptable buyout. Let me know when your on next and I can get the process started for you

Perfect then, I’m on right now. Isk sent!

You can transfer to Delta Wolf from whom I sent the isk.
Thank you!

Perfect ill start the transfer right now, give me 2 min and it will be on the way

@Nox_Tristiva Please evemail the account name you want the character sent too

Confirming isk received


Transfer started! Thank you!

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