WTB FAX or Carrier Pilot

Want to buy FAX or Carrier pilot. Here is what I am looking for and willing to buy.

Char either needs to be one of the following :

-FAX/Carrier ready (Minmatar Carrier + Fighters IV)
-FAX/Ishtar ready (Heavy Drones V, jump skills not mandatory)
-Logi/Ishtar ready (Heavy Drones V, Logi Cruiser V, jump skills not mandatory)
-Carrier ready (Minmatar Carrier + Fighters IV, jump skills mandatory).

Also looking for potential mining chars, need to have at least Exhumer skills and T2 Miners/Upgrades. Repro skills prefered but not mandatory.

Good budget for the right char, all offers reviewed.

Daily bump. Still looking. Make offers.

Closing at request of OP.