WTB | Female Character born in 2003

(Ria Aquirez) #1


I am looking for a female Character from 2003 with a low amount of Skillpoints. The Character can be stripped, used or untouched.

Please send me your Offers via EVE Mail, thanks!

Kind Regards

(El Cuco) #2

why female?

(Perpetualed) #3

Why not?

He can buy what he wants with his ISK :slight_smile:

(El Cuco) #4

i didnt ask you i asked him

(Perpetualed) #5

(S)he hired me to answer you :slight_smile:

(S)ge can do whatever (s)he wants with her ISK :smile:

(Ria Aquirez) #6

Well since I am a female I prefer playing a female Character :slight_smile:

(Mardook) #7

The only question that has been put into my mind: Why 2003?

I can not make sense of it. I saw the character sold in this way in the forum.

(Ria Aquirez) #8

Oh, for Collectors sake!

(system) #10

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