WTB Focus Carrier /Super Carrier Pilot

(Pharcide Kwok) #1

would prefer it to be gallente but willing to hear if anyone has anything and also asking prices with skill sheets thanks

(The Guardian99) #2

Budget for a Nyx/Hel toon?

(little casket) #3

also want to buy a focus carrier pilot, budget is about 20b, here is the link:

(Mafusail Golovin) #4


anything but gallente

(Pharcide Kwok) #5

asking price?

(Mafusail Golovin) #6

asking 22b

(Hozumi Mumei) #7

for sell?

(Faith Miner) #8

Are you still selling this super pilot by chance?

(Merr1ssa) #9

(Nemesis Ofyou) #10

Not a super, but 8 injectors could solve this

(system) #11

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