WTB Thanatos/Nyx pilot


I’m looking for a Thanatos/Nyx pilot, anything from a sitter upwards I’ll consider for the right price.

Post what you have and I’ll contact you if I’m interested.

Thank you!


pass - 1234


That’s far to high for my budget but thanks anyway.

I’m still looking :slight_smile:


look at the pilot http://eveboard.com/pilot/Masamang_Kaluluwa
PASS 123

If you do not need some skills, I can download them to the injectors

That sure is a nice character but i feel its probably above my price range.

How much are you selling the character for as is and also how much with the gallente dread skills extracted out?

Check this one.
It’s easy switching to Nyx, just buy 7 skill extractors and 2 large Injectors. Will cost you around 3,7bil and you can make a Nyx pilot.
If you confirm 45b b/o I will inject the Gallente Carrier skill book for free.

Wrote ingame


WTS this char here

pass : 123

Starting price is 20B


Toon for ratting thany and nyx focused character

Didn’t need tank skill for ratting so I did get rid of it