WTB Focus Jump Freighter Pilot [23B Down]

Find the content that fits the title.

as soon as possible
Flex Available

b um p

I have a JF Pilot that I don’t use that I could sell


Then what do you want to do?
I need that account.


5b ??

I appreciate the offer but it’s a little low for me.

I have to reattach the syringe.

Can’t you give me a discount?

Kenna Rayne 7b…

ok, you are looking to buy a char, meaning you actually need it. And you offer him less than Extraction value + Transfer?
Even 12b would be a bit cheap in this case.

I can’t pay more than 8bill.
I’ll wait for your reply.


Then you should propalby start saving more ISK. Good luck finding a pilot.

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