WTB focused dread pilot

(Avallah) #1

WTB focused dread pilot. Prefer pilot with no waste SP, but feel free to post if you have any for sale.
Race, spec doesen’t matter. Required at last one remap available.

(Emorius) #3


this is for sale! for a sensible offer

(Thorgril) #4


or this one Emorius and this are mine.

(Queen Currency) #6

little more than you might be looking for i think. but still a very good naglfar pilot

(The Lelik) #8

Hi! How about Perfect Moros driver for about 90B?

(Avallah) #9

That one is a lot more than dread pilot😊

(Avallah) #10

Still looking

(Shnitzel Tiras) #11

Contact me in-game. might have something for you

(Avallah) #12

Please send me mail if you can

(Avallah) #13

Still looking

(Shnitzel Tiras) #14

In-game mail sent

(Avallah) #15

Reply sent