WTB Focused Hel Pilot (Around 20m SP)

(Tago Tyray) #1

Im looking for a focused Hel pilot with the following skill requirements:
Fighters V
Minmatar Carrier IV (V is better)
Heavy Fighters IV

I don’t care about security status, jump clones or attribute remaps.

(Tago Tyray) #2

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(Tago Tyray) #3

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(Tago Tyray) #4

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(Mafusail Golovin) #5


little lacking in shield skills, but capable of flying Aeon as well with pretty okay armor skills and Wyvern.

(Tago Tyray) #6

I’m looking for a more focused pilot, there are quite a few skills that are of no use for me. But I have to admit that the char looks somewhat promising and I would take it, if the price is right. Can you make me a good offer?

(C50 Fullerene) #7

What is the price for this character? I kind of like him

(Mafusail Golovin) #8

asking 22b, but ill negotiate

(C50 Fullerene) #10

Come to me to discuss

(jita Han) #11

22b Sell?

(system) #12

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