WTB Focused Rhea pilot

Minimal SP is the name of the game here…under 20M preferably. Maximum JF skills like Jump Fuel Conservation V, Jump Drive Calibration V, Jump Freighter V and Caldari Freighter V desirable. Special consideration only for High-grade Ascendancy implants and large amounts of unallocated SP.

Contact in-game if you need privacy.

Is sub 15M SP possible?

Is sub 15M SP possible?

Max JDO, JDC, JFC + Requirements = 6.4M SP
Spaceship Command 5, Adv Spaceship Command 5, Hauler 3, Freighter 5, JF 5, Industry 5 = ~6.5M SP

So I mean, at best ~2M sp spread between other nav, engineering, and tanking skills, I would not recommend. But is feasible.

Realistically, to have JFC 5, Freighter 5, and JF 5. I’d say your staring down around 25M-30M sp character. And with it being that specialized I would expect to pay 1B per 1M sp.

Sounds like a 15M Rhea pilot is so tightly focused, you got more chance of finding a unicorn!

Thanks for going through those numbers with me.

Where’s that unicorn of a Rhea pilot? Still looking

here unicorn, unicorn, unicorn…I won’t hurt you

Still looking

I’m finishing JF5 now, all other skills maxed. Message me in-game.

Ah, figured out the new skillboard now:


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