WTB Focused Supercarrier Pilot

(Hokum) #1

Looking for a character that’s heavily focused around flying a Supercarrier.

Nyx, Hel, Aeon or Wyvern in that order.

Budget of 40bill. Not looking for or interested in paying for skills that don’t benefit one of the above ships.

(Masamang Kaluluwa) #2


look at the pilot http://eveboard.com/pilot/Masamang_Kaluluwa
PASS 123

(Hokum) #3

I get the feeling that this is way above my price range?



All racial Carriers trained to 5
All Capital Combat Drone skills at 5
Full HG Slave set plugged in

40 bil

(Blue Awoxer) #5

@APHOCALYPTYCA I’ll take that toon for 40b assuming positive wallet. Confirm and I will send isk + details.

(Mighty Zug) #6


evemail sent

(Beekillrz) #7

ingame mail sent

(Gary Bell) #8

Mail me in game what are you looking at for this toon?

(Lieutenant Kiff) #9

Interested in this character. mail sent to the aphoc.