WTB Focused Supercarrier Pilot

Looking for a character that’s heavily focused around flying a Supercarrier.

Nyx, Hel, Aeon or Wyvern in that order.

Budget of 40bill. Not looking for or interested in paying for skills that don’t benefit one of the above ships.


look at the pilot http://eveboard.com/pilot/Masamang_Kaluluwa
PASS 123

I get the feeling that this is way above my price range?


All racial Carriers trained to 5
All Capital Combat Drone skills at 5
Full HG Slave set plugged in

40 bil

@APHOCALYPTYCA I’ll take that toon for 40b assuming positive wallet. Confirm and I will send isk + details.


evemail sent

ingame mail sent

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Mail me in game what are you looking at for this toon?

Interested in this character. mail sent to the aphoc.