WTB focused Titan pilot prefer minmatar and caldari race

(Ms Penelope) #1

looking for titan pilot prefer leviathan or ragnarok, but can take erebus too.
paying 900m per 1m sp, if specialized can pay 1b per 1m sp

(Wicked Tempura) #2


how does this look

(wangsunan) #4

You torget to give me password

(Wicked Tempura) #5

pass: 1qazxsw2

(wangsunan) #6

38b怎么样, how about 38b?

(Wicked Tempura) #7

If you can make it 40 then I can start transferring ASAP, otherwise I’ll give it a 24hr countdown. If there happens to be no higher bids after 24 hours it’s yours.

(wangsunan) #8

yeah lets wait 24 hours

(system) #9

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