WTB focussed armor (avatar/erebus) pilot around 30b

As per the title. Not interested in levi or ragnarok at all.
I care little about skins/name/corp history. No interest in SP unrelated to titan piloting.

Please post eveskillboard and asking price if you’re looking to sell.

I saw the thread, but I’m quite sure you don’t wanna accept a 30b bid :slight_smile:
hit me up if that’s not the case.


I think you are going to have a very hard time buying a titan pilot for that price, just being honest.
youre looking at an injector cost of at least 40-45 injectors just to get into the hull with t2 guns, not even counting bridge, doomsday, basic armor or jump skills.
You will be very lucky to get anything under 50. 30 might get you a half decently trained dread pilot, but not a titan pilot.
Just some friendly advice, your mileage may vary.

Thank you, I am aware it’s very much gonna be on the low end of SP but that’s fine. I’m in no rush for one and mostly testing the waters seeing if i can get a deal.

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