WTB gallente focused pilot


(Jaihden) #1

Looking for a gallente toon

(Jaihden) #2

Daily dump

(Jaihden) #3

daily bump

(Jaihden) #4

daily bump

(Jaihden) #5

Daily bump

(Jaihden) #6

daily bump

(Jaihden) #7

Daily bump

(Sergeant Dashing) #8

Not sure how many SP your looking for but I just put this guy up for salel, and he is mainly Gallente focused. Take a look http://eveboard.com/pilot/Sergeant_Dashing

(Jaihden) #9

Looking really décent sgt how much you looking to get?

(Sergeant Dashing) #10

Would like to get at least 16B I think that’s pretty fair, but always open to suggestions

(system) #11

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