WTB: Gila BPCs

EDIT: Currently have several hundred gila BPC backlog with several hundred more, temporarily halting open buys until I burn through some of these, or get very low pricing.

Due to me quite literally buying my current supplier dry, I am in need of another Gila BPC supplier, en mass.

I would prefer quantities of no less than 20 per day (but if you can only provide slightly less than this, I’m still interested in hearing from you), and I would greatly welcome far more - I am fairly certain that I am easily in the top couple of people buying these, if not #1 outright.

Please convo/email this char, or respond in this thread.


Bumping this up.

I have an open offer on the market through contracts - any number of Gila BPCs, 45m apiece. This is the highest open offer to my knowledge.

Will buy anywhere within 1j of Jita. Create contract to this char, and it will generally be accepted within at most a few hours.

Don’t waste your time dealing with smalltime producers who could have liquidity issues, or spending ages splitting everything up into individual contracts - just contract them all to me and get your isk immediately!

Still in need of high volume BPC provider. Sell me ALL your BPCs today!

Bump still buying all BPCs.

Still looking for a steady supplier instead of the patchwork.

Just purchased ~100 BPCs yesterday and today. I still need a ton more.

Do you get a lot of BPCs? Do you want to just create contracts of 40-100 every day directly to me and collect your isk with no hassle? Let’s talk!

Always buying. If you have Gila BPCs, contract em to me! Any amount accepted within 24h on a weekday!

Updated OP - currently halting open buying as for the first time, I have a solid backlog of BPCs. Will update when open buying resumes if my currently suppliers are unable to maintain volume for me.

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