Wtb hel pilot

WTB HEL Piloten.

Have me

please not so expensive!!!

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/rocknroller hel focused character, minmatar carrier 5 , t2 fighters etc make an offer i cant refuse

20b ??

34b no less . You ain’t getting a specialized super pilot that cheap I can almost extract and sell injectors and get as much isk

Skill Injector Netto Prise ca. 370m

28,5M SP -5M SP = 23,5M SP = 47 Skill Injector

47 x 370M = 17,39b

if you read my other post you will know 20b isnt something i really care, and i am not in a hurry to sell for such a specalized character, normally ppl sell these for more than 1b per 1m sp, you are probably new into character trading i dont blame you for low balling.

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