Wtb High Sp PVP pilot (135mil Sp +)

(Miley Twerk Cyrus) #1

Looking to purchase a pure PVP based pilot, no Indy or other random crap skills.

Capital skills are not need but a bonus. 1 race dread / carrier.

Would love pilots with good precursor skill sets.

135mil Sp + only thanks.

(Miley Twerk Cyrus) #2

Still on the prowl for toonie

(Miley Twerk Cyrus) #3


(Miley Twerk Cyrus) #4

Still looking, few bids thrown around so get your toonies too me.

(Miley Twerk Cyrus) #5

Bump b4 work

(Miley Twerk Cyrus) #6

Up again.

(Fast End) #7

convo me in game. i have 3 potentional toons you might want. but i dont want to post publically

(Miley Twerk Cyrus) #8

I’ll be home at 8am ish Eve time will you be around?

(The Durantis) #9

you online?

(Miley Twerk Cyrus) #10

@The_Durantis iresponded to your mail, sorry I couldn’t convince you @Fast_End didn’t get home from work as early as normal. If you could mail me the toons in question.

(Miley Twerk Cyrus) #11

Well since some poor fuckers account got hacked and a scam post was made, back up to the top cause im back in the market.

(HideYourKids HideYourWiFi) #12


send me in game mail.

(Victor MaCleod) #13


(KenGuy) #14



T2 seige T2 guns and lvl 5 nag pilot with all the needed jump skills