WTB Hulk Pilot

Coming Back to eve and need a hulk pilot let me know what you have.

I have two entry level hulk pilots each with about 4.3-4.5mp looking to get 7b for both.

If you’d like I can send you links to skill boards.

Be interested in selling just 1?

Sure. Let me get links set up for them. And I’ll post here in a moment



Let me know if you’re interested in either. If not, no worries mate.

What kind of prices you got in mind for tiana_dyson?

3b and its yours

Do 2.5B?

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Im interested in the Trent_Barlow , can I offer you 2.5 b for that ? if you agree I will open up another post for you.

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Hey guys I’ll do that for them.

Just post your offers in here: Thread

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