WTB Indus pilot

(Pot O-feu) #1


i’m looking for an industrial pilot, mining, research, production. why not rorqual pilot or/and transport ship or/and JF pilot

No budget, i will think about all your offers

(Vithana) #2

This character is a max Ark pilot, as well as max Amarr Transports. Has Cyno 5 as well.



(Pot O-feu) #3

Not interested sorry

(Lucy Dorgiers) #4

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Lucy_Dorgiers how about this character, willing to sell for the right price.

(Pot O-feu) #5

what’s athe right price for your toon for you?

(Lucy Dorgiers) #6

Just noticed you can’t use plea to transfer characters no more so retracting this character from the sale sorry

(system) #7

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