WTB Industry Specialized Character, Preferably Capable of Piloting a Rorqual

If you have a character that meets these criteria and are interested in selling, I would love to discuss further. Here are my requirements for the desired character:

  1. Industry Specialization Skills: The character must possess comprehensive industry skills, including expertise in mining, manufacturing, research, and other related areas.
  2. Rorqual Qualifications: The character needs to meet the flying requirements for a Rorqual, including the necessary skill levels and certifications.
  3. Good Reputation: I prefer purchasing from players with a good reputation to ensure the reliability and safety of the transaction.

If you have a person who meets the above requirements and would like to sell, please reply to this article or contact me privately. Please provide details about the character, including skill points, skill rank and equipment and the price you wish to sell. In addition, if you have any other relevant information or suggestions, please feel free to share them.




91 mil sp, PLUS 6.7 mil Unallocated

65b offer

65b for 91m +6m SP is to low, sorry

how much about your mind

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