WTB ishtar or tengu pilot

WTB ishtar or tengu pilot
Budget 20-35B
It’s better to have both
Hope with some weapon skills as well


Decent tengu 31.5m Offer here if interested.

Ty, it is great. May I ask the price? Could I buy the character this weekend?

Well, this char is a missionneer, gallente puller, and can be repurposed as a trader (dodixie already) , then the base 5m are valuable.

I can get 25 extracting, then 27b as buyout look decent.

Yes, no hurry in weekend. If someone offer 27b i sell.

May I ask which account should I send isk to? Pacox?

yes, always to the character selling and answer the thread.

27B I will buy the character this weekend.

Ok if nobody buy first.

@pacox i offer you NOW 28b if can deliver today. I can send NOW the isk.

confirm if accpted

Reb Michael Klimrod offer acepted.

I go to ceate a new thread.

send the isk and acc name

29B and i can buy the character before sunday

The buyer never free the slot and i return the money. I am available.

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