WTB Ishtar Pilot / Drone / Sentry / Focused


(Azure Wyvern) #1

WTB An Ishtar Pilot… does NOT need perfect drone skills or support skills but MUST be able to fly a ishtar and use t2 sheild fittings…

eve boards here…

ISK is ready !

(Azure Wyvern) #3

free bump ty? was your ban previous not enough? You have made it really easy to know… your young…

by own peril he means if you trade me a toon with a orca on it… and harrass me before i even receive the ship… dont expect it back. LOL

(ISD Sakimura) #4

@Duct_Work please do not conduct yourself as if you are the police of the Character Bazaar. I understand that you feel cheated out of some asset(s). If you feel it unjustified you are free to file a support ticket about it.

(system) #8

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