WTB Jita Trader /w High Caldari Navy Standing 9+!

Looking for a Jita Trader Alt.
Caldari Navy Standing atleast 9+

Send me your characters either here or/and in-game! <3

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Caldari Navy standing of 8.1

Trade skills are all lvl 5 - accept procurement

Send me an in-game mail for PW - Vicce Sage



any use?

How much are you looking for that toon?

No thank you!

Hey @pupsticles

I’ve switched to posting with the account in question.

She currently has 41.7mil in SP which puts her outside the 25bil budget.

If you are still willing to negotiate please feel free to send in game mail with offers.

Thanks P!

Decided not to go with purchase your character, thanks for showing me her though!





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