WTB Komodo Focused Pilot

You need to meet these skills:

Gallente Titan V
Caldari Titan V

Jump Drive Calibration V
Jump Portal Generation IV

Doomsday Operation V
Doomsday Rapid Firing V
Spatial Phenomena Generation IV

Please send the skill link and the selling price.

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Hi. Look at this character- WTS 110m sp Amarr & Caldari pilot. Titan, dreads, carrier, marauders

This character is good, but I only want one specialized in Titans. I don’t need other skills.

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QSNA Skill Link

Have got a pretty focused Avatar pilot that I would consider selling.

I’m coming back off a long break so not sure what the going rate is.

Let me know if interested.

Of course, I am very interested. I can offer 60 billion. What do you think?

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