Wtb laelaps

msg here in game or on discord Alice Hekate#7412

Hey there,
I got a Laelaps bpc, its very dear to me, I clean it and sing it to sleep every night. Last Laelaps went for 250b, so given my emotional attachment i’m thinking a number north of 300b could persuade me.

Lol i bought 1 for 210 bil 3 months back … and pretty sure you will get 1 for 210-220 bil

Prices are up on them. 230 is more of a reasonable price point. 300 is just silly.

Yeah 210b prices are loooong gone. I’ve seen them go for 250b. Not saying he should buy my copy, just stating where the price would have to be to get me remotely interested in selling.

300b to drop that crack pipe your smoking

My, my, so hostile.

Alas, as your reading comprehension is as lacking as your manners, let me restate what I already tried to explain… never did I mention wanting you to purchase mine, I was merely stating the price point that would get me remotely interested in parting with my copy.

Can you find a cheaper one, probably.

LoLS :rofl:




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