WTB Legion Purity of the Throne Skin

As title states, looking to buy Legion Purity of the Throne skin. Not sure what these go for, but I’ll pay handsomely to anyone willing to sell.

can’t find that as a skin for it at all

I will look in my storage when I get home not sure what I have but I have a small collection of these skins but not sure if I have that specific one.

Nope no Legion sadly.

It does exist.

Probably linked to an event, that’s why it does not appear on the market. Try looking for the Ironblood skins that were given as rewards during the halloween event, you will notice that those are not on the market either (just FYI there are some Ironblood skins for other ships on the market, but those were seeded in other ways). They only way to get the event skins is through those event rewards.

Purity of the Throne skins are login rewards. I don’t think they exist in a fo that can be traded

Edit: I was wrong. Wasn’t playing during the original event. But the Eve Uni wiki does state that the legion skin doesn’t exist.

Well, it is in the game as an item. I would assume that means it exists, but who knows.

Maybe it was added with the login rewards? Or maybe it’s just to mock us with it’s absence.
I’m sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

It does exist. Got it as a login reward, but there wasn’t an item when claimed so I couldn’t sell it. Guess it is a lucky drop. I even trained up and bought a Legion just to try it out.

I guess this ain’t an item in the game, probably login-reward “soul-bound” item, thus, unavailable as tradable items.

In this forum post, the guy says she has one and will be selling at 10B, but no idea if it’s true or not.

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