WTB Leshak focused toon

(Tricky beaver Fortune'GUN) #1

WTB Leshak focused toon.
Max: 15-35 mil. SP.

(Khorilyssa) #2

Female with hood =P


(Tricky beaver Fortune'GUN) #3

Cant say you it’s good toon. sorry I need more focused leshak char.

(Tricky beaver Fortune'GUN) #4

Daily bump!

(Tricky beaver Fortune'GUN) #5

No one have leshak focused toon?

(Absolute Truth) #6

Pass: 12345
I wasn’t particularly looking to sell this toon but I could be convinced for the right price. He has near perfect leshak skills, a low-grade slave clone, and the perfect name. Zero wasted SP.

(Tricky beaver Fortune'GUN) #7