Wtb low sp hulk pilots

As title says, looking for around 5m sp hulk pilots.

Post offers here

One would be ready to sell off to ya tomorrow.
would be right at 5m SP or so exhumer IV and cybernetics V for farming

the other one would be ready in another cuuple of weeks for the same result.

If you want to wait a bit

How much?

looking for 11b for both of em (so 6b for the 5m, 5.5b for hte 4.5m SP) I"ll post eveboard links shortly

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Jita_Cancer - 6b

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Spod_Head -6b

or 11.5b for both


Might be what you looking for

I can do 10b for both, no more

meet me partway and do 10.5 for both (5.5m/5m respectively)

Sorry, I don’t see how I could possibly do this.

10b stands

a’ight, send the isk/account info to doug jonez and i’ll transfer them tonight

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