Selling miner/caldari 6.5m sp

Selling Queen Royal pass 1234
Mackinaw and hulk pilot.
And some caladri ship skills and missiles.

Got ship skin Rosada Dawn for Mackinaw.

2 remaps
Positive wallet
Safe system
Ccp rules apply

Pay with card.

Bid 5 bil
BO- 6 bil

5b,nowhere close to being worth 9b

oh… ok well could you do 6b. i can transfer now if you want

Sorry, can only do 5b

ok i change by bo to 6 b then, but i will w8 and hope someone claim her… the isk goes to my husband ingame :slight_smile:

How about 5.5b?

Ok. Ill await isk and then i will transfer after work

I’ll send it tonight, also at work

im home now… send whenever. with acc name

ISK and account name sent. Transfer when u get a chance.


Thank you for trade . transfer is on the way

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