SOLD WTS 5m Caldari with cyber V

(Dan Parker) #1

Hi, i am for sale-. Please answer the thread, i am not reading the eve mail.

I am in high sec, no kill rights, positive wallets.

(Hei Presto) #2


(Dan Parker) #3

Sold., send the isk and acc name and i transfer As soon i can

(Dan Parker) #4

Still available.

(Inactive Seller) #5

today bump

(Inactive Seller) #6

today bump

(Inactive Seller) #7

today bump

(Inactive Seller) #8

today bump

(TypingTot) #9

3 billion

(Inactive Seller) #10

Sold, send the isk and the acc name to Dan parker, answer the thread and i transfer ASAP, i am in my work but checking the thread.

(TypingTot) #11

Is the Sisters of Eve line complete?

(Inactive Seller) #12

No, was used for PI only, is fresh. Leaving work now, if interested send the ISK and acc name and i deliver in an hour or two, when i stay in home

(ZanderDuke Duke) #13

1 billion for it

(Inactive Seller) #14

because your offer dont cover the transfer no thanks. You sound as the people who say receive a free sin some threads ago.

min is 3b

(ZanderDuke Duke) #15

I’ll offer 2 billion because you haven’t done the Sisters of Eve epic. I’ll have to do that and it will take days again.

(Inactive Seller) #16

Srrange Logic , 2b dont cover transfeer an if the Sisters Eve arc were doing price myst be major.

By the way you can dor yourself in any character.

Still availabke.

(ZanderDuke Duke) #17

I’ll sleep on it. If it’s still available tomorrow I’ll probably buy it.

(ZanderDuke Duke) #18

2.5 billion

(Inactive Seller) #19

Sorry, i sure i can get 3b

Still available.

(Inactive Seller) #20

today bump