SOLD WTS 5m Caldari with cyber V

Hi, i am for sale-. Please answer the thread, i am not reading the eve mail.

I am in high sec, no kill rights, positive wallets.


Sold., send the isk and acc name and i transfer As soon i can

Still available.

today bump

today bump

today bump

today bump

3 billion

Sold, send the isk and the acc name to Dan parker, answer the thread and i transfer ASAP, i am in my work but checking the thread.

Is the Sisters of Eve line complete?

No, was used for PI only, is fresh. Leaving work now, if interested send the ISK and acc name and i deliver in an hour or two, when i stay in home

1 billion for it

because your offer dont cover the transfer no thanks. You sound as the people who say receive a free sin some threads ago.

min is 3b

I’ll offer 2 billion because you haven’t done the Sisters of Eve epic. I’ll have to do that and it will take days again.

Srrange Logic , 2b dont cover transfeer an if the Sisters Eve arc were doing price myst be major.

By the way you can dor yourself in any character.

Still availabke.

I’ll sleep on it. If it’s still available tomorrow I’ll probably buy it.

2.5 billion

Sorry, i sure i can get 3b

Still available.

today bump