SOLD - 22.3 M SP Miner/Trader/PVE

Miner/Trader/Hauler/PI Character

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Mackinaw, Hulk, Badger, Confessor Pilot

Member of NPC Corp, Caldari State War Academy.
Location: High Sec, Amarr
Kill Rights: None
Wallet: 0.00 Isk on transfer
Sec Status: 0.0
Amarr 1.0
Neural Remap available
2 Bonus remaps available

Jump Clones: Amarr VIII (Oris) - Emp Fam Acad.
Jita IV Moon 4 - Caldari Buis Tribunal Bureau Office.

50,500 Evermarks

Bidding starts at 17 Bil

BO at 22 Bil

@Paimon_King - your SkillQ link does not work, update it with a shared link, test with an incognito browser to ensure it works. If this is not resolved in 24 hours, this thread will be locked.

Edited, confirmed the link is working now. Thanks

Bump, give this gal a new home.

I cook really well, pick me! - Bump

Ill offer 17b, i wont go higher though

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Ok I will accept that offer.

Still open? I can transfer asap :slight_smile:

I will give Drew Phoenix 24 hours, since I accepted his bid first, after that I will open it up to anyone else.

See you in 24. Or sooner :wink:

22b buyout! You know you want it, evemail me, all you have to do is say yes and press the big shiny candy like transfer button… (Maniacal laughter ensues) :smiling_imp:

I will honor the buyout price which trumps the previous bidder. Yes send it, and I will transfer ASAP.

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Isk and info sent

Received the ISK

The transfer has been initiated, so she will show on your account in 10 hours.

Please can you kindly confirm on here once you’ve received her?

Thank you.

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I see her in the transfer window, pleasure doing business with you :smiling_imp: :wink: :+1:

lol not even a chance to counter

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