SOLD: WTS 41M SP - Industrial/Orca/Freighter Pilot

  • In NPC corp
  • No kill rights
  • Wallet positive
  • Located at Jita IV - Moon 4
  • No Jump Clones
  • Standard Ocular, Memory, Neural and Cybernetic Implants + Mining Forman Mindlink
  • Neural Remap available now, 2 bonus remaps available
  • Can fly Fenrir
  • Can fly Orca with boosts (Mining director V + Shield Command V)
  • Good reprocessing skills, can fly Hulk/Skiff/Mackinaw
  • Can fly Dominix - drone skills with light, medium and sentry V
  • Can fly Rattlesnake, Raven
  • All prerequisites for Gallente Carrier skill (3 hours from Thanatos)
  • All prerequisites for Transport Ships (1 hour from Mastoon/Prowler)
  • Good PI skills (Upgrades and Consolidation V)

Open to offers above 30B.

Bumpity bump

Hi, thank you for the offer. I will leave it open for another couple of days; if nobody else is interested and your offer still stands I will accept.

Toon still on sale.

Bumpity bump.

humpity bumpity


22b Offer

Thank you for your offer. I am looking for more than this.

25b offer

Getting warmer! Was really hoping for something with a 3 at the start.


I will meet you half way 27.5 billion

Thank you for your offer. Still too low.


28b offer

If you can do 29 I will accept.

I’ll offer 29 bil

I accept. Please send isk and account info and I will start transfer. If you wouldnt’ mind, please send me the account name via EVEmail as well.

Isk and account name sent

Thank you

ISK has been received and character transfer has been submitted. Let me know if there are any issues. Cheers.