WTS 63mil SP Nagl/Pheonix/Rorq pilots

This is me and i am for sale

Location: Ammold
Wallet: Positive
Corp: NPC
Born: 2012

Great overall miner (ice/ore/goo) and booster (rorq/orca/porpoise).
Great exhumers skill, expedition frigates
Can fly Fenrir for transporting.
Good Naglafar and Pheonix skills also.
Can also effectively fly command destroyers, covers ops, deep space transports, heavy assault cruisers, heavy interdiction cruisers, ceptors, dictors, bombers, strategic cruisers (t3).
Some production skills.
Good overall toon.

Starting bid: 55b
Buyout: 75b

50B ready

Waiting on starting bid

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Bump !


Ok, i accept. Go ahead and send the isk and tell me where should i send the toon.

So we doing this?

Nothing came thru from Janamaji, so bump to top !

For Sale again.

46bil ready to go sir.

Sorry, i wont go that low. 50b i do if you want. But that is the lowest i go

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Top !

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bump !

bump .

Still for sale

Still for sale?

Still for sale, yes.

Do you still want it or no?