WTS Wyvern/Rorq/JF/Phoenix pilot

76 ml sp + 100k sp free

Caldari cap pilots. All skils for caps are perfect(exept caldari dreds skils, but if you whant you can learn titon need only book ). She is good support capchar for main.


73 b start bit

look for yours offers/

Aircraft carrier will weaken in April, bid 65B

not interested

the starting bid is a no budge for you?

Im waiting for a nice offer at about three days.

Character being sold must confirm it’s for sale by replying in this thread!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Yes, Im for sale :slight_smile:


73 Billion ISK right here. I can have the ISK for you within 24 hours.

Thanks, but im waiting for best bid.

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