67.7m sp Carrier Pilot WTS

(Kyia Jadeflare) #1

I am for sale, Carrier pilot/sitter, highlights include a Full learning clone, a high grade talon set clone, 4 skins for the chimaera and the Nidhoggur each, 5.0 sec status , positive wallet, very strong fleet command/support skills.

  1. All fighter skills to 5
  2. Caldari carrier 5
  3. Mimm carrier 5
  4. Gal carrier 4
  5. jump drive calibration/operation 5
  6. Most fleet boost skills to 5
  7. command ship 5
  8. almost capped drone skills

And plenty more trained http://eveboard.com/pilot/Kyia_Jadeflare

Starting bid at 50 bil, b/o @ 60 bil

I pay transfer cost. Auction ends monday night 10pm est

(Kyia Jadeflare) #2

Daily Bump, forgot to mention no killrights as well

(Nicklaus Klaus'nik) #3

hey Kyia,

Highly interested in your character - never had an alt before. hope this isnt against rules, but i can do 20B isk liquid now, plus 7000 PLEX if this is acceptable, please confirm. transaction can be completed within 24hrs with your OK.

Please consider this a buyout offer.

(Nicklaus Klaus'nik) #4

welp looks like offering PLEX is against the rules.

Rough value of what I’ve offered is 41B isk if I can get them all sold quickly.

Please advise.

(Kyia Jadeflare) #5

41 is a bit lower than my starting bid, so id have to turn it down, that said if you can come up with at least the 50, id be happy to work something out for you. If another bidder comes along before then however ill have to honor that.

(Maizie Fields) #6

50 bil

(Johny Rambo) #7

Bid retracted

(Nicklaus Klaus'nik) #8

i am defeated.

(Kyia Jadeflare) #9

Bump, bump it up, auction ends tonight 10 pm est.

(Kyia Jadeflare) #10

Auction has closed with Maizie Fields taking the auction with 50 bil bid, awaiting isk and accnt details and i will begin the transfer asap

(Jitolog) #11


(Kyia Jadeflare) #12


(Nira Meru) #13

Is this character forsale again?

(Kyia Jadeflare) #14

I will give the winner until the end of today 7/18, if i dont hear anything i will re open bidding.

(Maizie Fields) #15

Just logged in… sending ISK and account info now :wink:

(Kyia Jadeflare) #16

Wonderful logging in to her to start the process for you ^.^

(Kyia Jadeflare) #17

Isk received, trnasfer has begun as of 2:53 pm EST on 7/18 thank you very much

(Maizie Fields) #18

Thanks, Kyia, transfer confirmed by CCP email.

Sorry for the delay in closing the deal; I’m still getting used to how to track my bids in this new forum… :-/