WTB Marauder pilot


Would like to buy a marauder pilot either Vargur / Paladin in 25-35m sp range

Make me a offer.

SkillQ.net - DurbanWarr
Make me an offer. Paladin pulse laser spec 4, caldari and minmatar Logi cruiser 5

I cannot see the pilot, is the link private?



Buying pilot that can fly => paladin or Vargur pref in 25-35m sp range.

My 31m SP girl will be ready to sell in ~8-10 days.

Perfect Loki (AC, arty, HM, HAML), decent scan, covert&recons and ofc Vargur (arty or AC).

Will ping you if you still be in need later.

Great! Let me know when the time comes and we can have a discussion :slight_smile:

32b? Will you do that

Can you link the skillsheet again if still available

A Golem pilot is so much better!

SkillQ.net - Mysterious Intent

How much

Well I’m not 100% sure I want to sell so I’d need a price high enough to convince me to let her go. She has good standings for L4’s and a head full of expensive implants, including 9 days left on a +6 accelerator and 166k unassigned SP.

I was thinking of formally listing her with a 40b B/O in a few weeks when Marauders V is complete, but I’ll entertain offers now.

ill bid 32b

Should be posting as that character for sale. As confirmation

Current bid is 34b, 50b buyout

SkillQ.net - Quandale Bingleton Damarcus

Ill take 44b B/O which if very fair compared to some others I’ve seen

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