WTB Mining alt

Looking for a Mining Alt,

Prefer Mining barge 5 and at least Exhumers but could consider other options.

Dont need orca or reprocessing but not a deal breaker. pretty much just a miner. I don’t need high sp characters that can fly everything.

upwards and onwards


How much for it ?


I have this alt I am just getting a PC on, has Michis and highwall 1005 and 2.26 mill unalocated.

(post deleted by author)

messaged u about the miner

我这里有6个 职业矿工账号,每个技能大约在12m,所有采矿技能满级,送整套船体和装备,每个账号8b,不承担转移费用。

I would be willing to sell myself

Just a miner looking to keep mining.

:Edit: Fixed the link

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