WTB Molok and/or revenant bpc [Closed]


[Update]: Partially done. Only the revenant bpc is left. (115 - 120 B. depends on where it is located)

Please PM me if available so we can talk about business.

Best regards

A person selling a rev bpc for ya

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Bump up

Bump up

Bump up. By the way I appreciate the rev hull offers and If I don’t find a bpc in the next 1-2 weeks I will also accept Hull offers for an increased price. However I would prefer bpc and since I am not in a hurry I will give it a bit more time.

There is both in the sales ads atm

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Thanks for all the input @haz_zard and @Legit_Salesgirl.
Now that i requred all the stuff that i wanted this thread can be closed.

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